Fresh Australian Seafood Restaurant

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Moxhe is a Modern Australian restaurant with a focus on Fresh Seafood. It was started up by partners Helen Diab and David Coumont, and the name comes from David’s home village in Belgium.


We love Australian Seafood.

The concept of our restaurant is to bring the diversity of the Sydney fish market to the table. We go there every morning and pick the best, from your favourites to uncommon species. We really love those fish that you don’t see anywhere else. We work with an evolving specials board. What is nice that morning is what you will find on our board.


Wine is our second love.

We are curious, and that is evident in our wine list. It has the same philosophy as our food menu, diversity. Like our food boards, we have a ‘wines by the glass’ board evolving on a daily basis, giving you the chance to try something different.



Our last board on the wall, belongs to our degustation menu. We love to eat, to take our time and enjoy the flavours in a series of small dishes. Our degustation gives you the chance to do exactly that. You can sample David’s pick of the day, enjoying six courses with the choice of Helen’s matching wines.

David and Helen

David & Helen

Having worked at restaurants in Europe such as Bozar and Michel Bras, David moved to Sydney. His career led him to fish face and Cafe Paci. Helen's career history includes places such as Pier and Berowra Waters Inn. Together, they have put into Moxhe, everything they love about dining in a restaurant, and hope to welcome you soon.